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 Definition A large town in Warwickshire, part of the West Midlands region of the United Kingdom. [d] [e]
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Metadata is just right!

Unless I've missed something, it looks as if you set up the core subpages perfectly. You probably do want to disambiguate the name of the town with the name of the sport (i.e., a disambiguation page; one can argue if the original town name should be the root and the sport be rugby (sport)). Indeed, the first mention of the sport should probably be a wikilink to the sport, even if no article yet exists on it, which will give a pink link and remind people that an article is needed.

When I do a geographical article, I like to put the adjacent jurisdictions into the "Related topics" section of the Related Articles page, as well as hierarchically higher jurisdictions (e.g., the shire) under "Parent topics". Features of the town, etc., can go into "subtopics". Again, just go ahead and create an entry even if there is no article yet. We can also do "definition-only" entries for things on Related Article pages, setting up a "placeholder" main article that we call a lemma. I have set up a free-standing Counties of the United Kingdom/Related Articles page.

If there's a town website, etc., such things would go into an External Links subpage.


Howard C. Berkowitz 21:16, 3 June 2009 (UTC)

Thanks! I will have a look at the related articles thing in a bit, I'm tired after having figured out what I have! There is an article on rugby union, bizarre that should exist before an article on the sport itself. But that's just CZ for you, like I'm here to create Aylesbury, but there's still no Newcastle. As for external links, some time tomorrow or soon after I'll find Rugby town council's website and a few others and bung them in. Tom F Walker 22:11, 3 June 2009 (UTC)