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I removed the word "positive" from the index set for the Eulerian product, as the prime numbers page already defines prime numbers as being positive. I also changed the domain of validity of the series representation to all complex numbers with real part greater than 1. This will make less sense to a general audience, who probably won't understand complex exponents, but they also won't understand "analytic continuation", or "convergence" for that matter. As it seems standard to describe the domain of validity as the largest possible, I chose to change it. However, the definition for all real numbers > 1 does determine the analytic continuation uniquely, so the original description was not wrong.

Perhaps the functional equation, zeros, and special values should be lumped under a single heading, and then other headings could be created to describe things like various representations of the function and important results involving the function (like applications)?

Barry R. Smith 20:09, 27 March 2008 (CDT)