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 Definition An anomalous form of liquid water, discovered in the 1960s, and later repudiated. [d] [e]
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Book of Franks

Many details of the history of polywater are given in the charming book by Felix Franks, Polywater, MIT Press 1981. I read the book, but unfortunately don't have access to it anymore. If somebody can get hold of it, then (s)he can extend this article, e.g., with the name of the Russian discoverer. Mentioning of the scare that all oceans would polymerize is nice to have too in this article. Two theoretical chemists (Leland C. Allen and Peter A. Kollman, Science 13 March 1970, vol. 167, p. 1443 [1]) computed the structure and predicted polywater to exist. This didn't do any good to the reputation of theoretical chemistry.--Paul Wormer 09:10, 26 June 2008 (CDT)