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Talk:Mexican-American War

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 Definition (1846-1848) war between Mexico and the United States over Mexican territories between the Gila and Rio Grande Rivers in the south and the 42d parallel north (Texas and the Mexican Cession) [d] [e]

I just happened to be looking at this article, and it struck me that it needs a great many more links. There are many perfectly relevant names, terms, etc., that could be linked, but aren't. For example: Texas; Mexico; war; peace treaty; annexation; independent republican Texas (i.e., the Republic of Texas); and that's just a casual glance at the first two paragraphs. One of the great advantages of CZ's being in a wiki form is that it allows one to quickly and easily pass from one topic to another, but without copious links, this can't happen. I am not at all in favor of links that are too common or irrelevant; for example, it would be silly to link "fought" in the first sentence to fighting, or "$15 million" to U.S. dollar. But linking to "war" in an article about a war is an excellent idea. And if that's an excellent idea, all the other links are recommendable, as well. --Larry Sanger 22:13, 19 February 2008 (CST)

Definition Created

I guess I have to update the talk page to update the tags.