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 Definition Resources, for manufacture, sale, or distribution in the same organization, in the possession of a holding organization; they represent a capital expenditure for acquisition [d] [e]
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Motivation for this article

As I began correcting my state of morning coffee deficiency, I spied Nick Gardner's new lemma, destocking, and idly meditated that, according to my female friends, advances in technology are not necessarily labor-saving: depantyhosing or detightsing requires much more athleticism and expenditure of effort. Nevertheless, as Nick meant the term, it is a subset of inventory management.

My experience is more in terms of supply chain management and military logistics, which certainly deserve article-level development. As can be seen in Haiti, logistics, especially under heavy demand and austere conditions, is far more than making supplies available: it is making the most important end user supplies available first, but no faster than the supplies needed to build, repair, and sustain the distribution system. I've watched a number of humanitarian relief efforts where well-intentioned health care professionals could not understand why generators, fuel, and some construction equipment had to precede medical personnel and their supplies. --Howard C. Berkowitz 14:23, 31 January 2010 (UTC)