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 Definition (25 September [O.S. 12 September] 1906 – 9 August 1975) Russian composer of the Soviet period and one of the most celebrated composers of the 20th century. [d] [e]
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I've just compiled a bibliography of sixteen books to read so I'll be pumping this article up over the next few days. Jeffrey Scott Bernstein 22:28, 1 November 2007 (CDT)


Note on name: Some books in English use “Dmitry” and others “Dmitri”. The latter spelling, perhaps, may be more common. The name of the page could be changed. I'll leave it to others to decide. Most of the CDs I have use the spelling “Dmitri”, but I only noticed this afterwards; when I started this page I used the spelling from the Oxford History of Music series. (Also, in my bibliography, there are 3 incidences of “Dmitri” and 4 incidences of “Dmitry”.)

P.S. Full-blown biographical page to come.Jeffrey Scott Bernstein 20:52, 3 November 2007 (CDT)

Move? Ro Thorpe 17:12, 18 February 2012 (UTC)


I have another version of this article, with footnotes for virtually Every Fact, so if anyone wants/needs a reference, let me know.Jeffrey Scott Bernstein 22:27, 11 November 2007 (CST)


Once again a really great article by Jeffrey Bernstein. It'll take me a couple of weeks to really dig into it, but just wanted to heap praise for another well-researched article. There are some issues with Testimony over the past 10 years that are not fully integrated (although the gist of the book and the controversy is all there), and it seems to me really important that we get musical examples (either score or audio clips; short and specific enough to fit easily under Fair Use) in order to delve deeper into the composer's style. But really great stuff, and far far more than a start! Michael Scott Cuthbert 23:07, 13 November 2007 (CST)