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Talk:Armed helicopter

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This article is a stub and thus not approved.
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 Definition A helicopter that can be configured to carry troops or cargo only, light weapons and troops, or possibly a heavier ammunition load with still-removable weapons. [d] [e]
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Page issues

There are several issues that I see here and with other articles as well. There is over abundance or redundancy in internal links. There are redirects on the same page as links to page being redirected to. The article is not mature, and the Aerospace Engineering article is missing an element on subsystems that could support articles related to aircraft subsystems. --Bryan Pilati 21:16, 15 September 2010 (UTC)

By all means, add content to make it more mature. It's not an Approved article. Howard C. Berkowitz 21:22, 15 September 2010 (UTC)
I'm a little puzzled since many tools available on WP are missing here, like reference tags and such. Also after ready the policy of deleting too many words, how do I remove the massive repetition? --Bryan Pilati 22:27, 15 September 2010 (UTC)
Well, remember that CZ does not necessarily require as much referencing as WP, so it may not be a matter of tools. I can't be more specific without knowing your specific concern.
If you have suggested large deletions or revisions, bring them up on the talk page. Howard C. Berkowitz 22:33, 15 September 2010 (UTC)