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 Definition American political action group founded in 1920 for protection of civil liberties. [d] [e]
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ACLU and "intelligent design"

The current version of the article refers to the ACLU's "opposition to Intelligent Design." Does the ACLU actually "oppose" "intelligent design," or only the use of public funds to teach so-called "intelligent design" in public schools, publicly-funded museums, etc.? Isn't the ACLU's mission not to pronounce on (supposedly) scientific theories, but rather, to attempt to enforce constitutional bans on the establishment of religion? I would guess that if any governmental agency tried to use governmental power to silence a proponent of "intelligent design," the ACLU would defend that person's free-speech rights. So perhaps should the sentence in question be re-worded? Bruce M.Tindall 00:20, 21 October 2008 (UTC)