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 Definition A vector/array oriented language, influenced by mathematics, commonly known by its acronym APL; because it used many non-keyboard characters borrowed from mathematics, it never became very popular in practical circles. [d] [e]
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APL vs. A Programming Language?

Yes, I know that "A Programming Language" was its official name, but, remembering when it was new, and then an evolutionary dead end, did anyone actually call it that? Should we be referring to Formula Translator, Common Business Oriented Language, and Jules' Own Version of the International Algorithmic Language? To just start gently, Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code?

I may even have a manual for the University of Maryland RALPH* language, which was an odd mix of Formula Translation and the Michigan Algorithmic Decoder. RALPH stood for Reentrant Algorithmic Language Processor, with the asterisk on the H: "the H is to be cute."

This can be as frightening as writing ADA, rather than commemorating Lady Lovelace, or thinking the man's name was Blaise PASCAL.

Howard C. Berkowitz 01:36, 9 November 2008 (UTC)