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Taipei (台北市 Táiběi Shì) is the capital of Taiwan,[1] founded in 1884. Its population was 2,618,772 in 2010.[2]

Taipei is situated in the far north of Taiwan and is connected by air, road and rail to other cities, including the Taiwan High Speed Rail line which runs between cities on the west coast. The city's international air connection is via Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, about 24 miles (40 kilometres) from central Taipei,[3] while the inner-city Taipei Songshan Airport handles domestic and some international flights in the East Asia region. The city's districts are connected by the Taipei Metro, as well as local buses.


  1. The People's Republic of China has never governed Taiwan or Taipei but views the island and its territories as its 23rd province, and therefore Taipei as the provincial capital.
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