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The AN/TTC-56 is a mobile packet switch developed by the U.S. Army. It is a hybrid of a digital circuit switch, a commercial Internet Protocol Cisco 7206 router, digital multiplexer, security and network management equipment. It provides most of the functionality of the AN/TTC-39D[1], with more advanced data networking, in a smaller and easier-to-deploy package. The newer AN/TTC-56 (V)3 is part of the Area Common User System Modernization (ACUS-Mod), which also upgrades the AN/TTC-39 and Mobile Subscriber Equipment and other communications systems, as a replacement for the former WIN-T and JNN architecture.[2]

The TTC-56 is also known in Army parlance as a SSS, "triple S," or "Single Shelter Switch."[3]


It is housed in a S-788/G Lightweight Multi-Purpose Shelter, which, along with its power supplies, can be towed by two High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV), rather than the 5-ton trucks required by the AN/TTC-39. One AN/TSM-210 Electronic Shop is provided with each Single Shelter Switch (SSS).

The initial AN/TTC-56 (V)1 has less capacity than the AN/TTC-39, but can be carried by intratheater C-130 Hercules transport aircraft rather than requiring larger aircrft. [4]