Star Trek (film series)

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The Star Trek film series is the component of the Star Trek franchise which comprises feature film, that is, motion pictures, more commonly known as films or movies.

The series began in 1979 with 'the new Star Trek film', titled * Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The much-anticipated feature-lenghth production received a tepid reception. Fans were disappointed, calling it 'just another Star Trek episode'. The second film, now known by its subtitle, The Wrath of Khan, fared much better both critically and with fans. Again, the third film was not considered as good, the forth a better offering, this was enough to indicate a trend subsequently referred to as 'the Star Trek curse' or 'even-numbered Star Trek films don't suck'.

Star Trek films followed the continuing adventures of the cast from the original series, but with the success of spin-off Star Trek casts and the ever-expanding Star Trek universe, the films segued into storylines based on subsequent Star Trek incarnations.

The 2009 Star Trek film was a departure from storylines faithfully following the TV series. Star Trek was crafted as a prequel presenting an alternate reality storyline.

The Star Trek films, in order of production, are: