Socks (clothing)

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Socks are an article of clothing typically worn over the foot and come in pairs. Socks can be made from cotton, wool, or many other fibers, and come in a huge variety of different patterns: argyle, solid, striped, polka-dot, or "athletic", which are usually 100% cotton white-colored socks meant to be worn during exercise or sports.

Colors of socks

It could be said that the style of ones socks is a potential indicator of their personality. The mainstream individual usually wears socks that are appropriate to their respective setting. Usually socks of a dark color (black, blue, or brown) are worn with dress shoes at places of work, like an office. Sports figures are often known to wear socks that are colored with those associated with their team. White "athletic" socks are typically worn with sneakers, or tennis shoes as they are made for comfort inside the shoe.

Different militaries of the world also require specific socks with their uniforms. In the United States Navy all socks are to be "navy blue" (but visually black), regardless of uniform type, per official regulations.

Sock styles

There are several different sock shapes, or "cuts". These include knee high socks (occasionally referred to in some cultures as stockings), and low-cut socks which only come up to the ankle. Additionally some socks meant for sport activities come up to the top of the thigh, and are designed to be folded down over the top of shin-guards.

Socks have traditionally been a low-fashion item, however recent developments in youth culture involving branded footwear has seen brand name socks increase in popularity amongst (usually) male sport and skateboard youth culture members. Such brands include socks branded as FUBU, Reebok, Nike and Converse AllStars.

Sock repair

Socks are one of the few articles of clothing that over time become thinned by wear to the extent that they develop holes in the fabric. "Darning" is one method of repairing these holes, although a majority of people in the modern United States simply replace the old socks with new ones. In previous generations these garments, along with underwear and other types of undergarments, were repaired by a seamstress or a person that knew how to sew, mostly due to the cost of replacing those items. Because of the effects of outsourcing, this type of apparel has become extremely cheap to manufacture, and thus are cheaper to replace. It can be argued that a side effect of this is that socks are made of cheaper material, and are more prone to wear out more quickly than before.