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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Singapore English.
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Parent topics

  • Language [r]: A type of communication system, commonly used in linguistics, computer science and other fields to refer to different systems, including 'natural language' in humans, programming languages run on computers, and so on. A wider definition of language - what counts as a language and what doesn't - is a difficult philosophical topic, deserving an article in its own right. [e]
  • English language [r]: A West Germanic language widely spoken in the United Kingdom, its territories and dependencies, Commonwealth countries and former colonial outposts of the British Empire; has developed the status of a global language. [e]
  • Contact language [r]: any language which is created through contact between two or more existing languages; may occur when people who share no native language need to communicate, or when a language of one group becomes used for wider communication. [e]
  • New Englishes [r]: Varieties of English spoken in regions with a history of (usually British) colonial administration, but initially lacking large numbers of native English speakers (e.g. India, Singapore); nowadays, comprise working languages of the state or region, typically with some influence of local languages on the grammar and vocabulary, and are often acquired in infancy or later childhood. [e]
  • Singapore [r]: Even though of tiny size, one of the world's most prosperous countries, a trading and transportation center of Southeast Asia, made up of islands between Malaysia and Indonesia. [e]


Substrate, adstrate and superstrate languages other than English

Other related topics

  • Malaysian English [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Standard English [r]: Any variety of English for which prescribed rules or conventions have been established by authorities, such as in official dictionaries or grammar books; typically taught in schools and to learners of English, and used by organisations such as governments and broadcasters. [e]
  • Indian English [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • British English [r]: Any of the spoken and written variants of the English language originating in the United Kingdom; widely used around the world, especially in current and former countries of the Commonwealth of Nations. [e]
  • Creole (language) [r]: Native language, such as Haitian Creole, which under most definitions originated as a pidgin (a rudimentary language without native speakers, created by at least two groups of speakers as a contact language. i.e. to allow immediate communication) but became as complex as any other language through being acquired by children as a first language. [e]