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The Silver Clef Award is an annual music charity award event, founded in 1976 in the United Kingdom.[1][2][3]

Established by British music managers and artists, the Silver Clef fund-raising organization was founded to support all the charitable activities of the Nordoff-Robbins Centre for Music Therapy in London. The award luncheon developed into a major charity auction event involving business and celebrities, as well as members of the British Royal family. In 1988, the concept was set up in the United States, as the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Foundation Inc., based in New York University. The foundation held its first American Silver Clef Award Dinner and Auction in 1989, to fund a music therapy centre at the university.[4]

On 30 June 1990, a special free charity concert by past and present Silver Clef award winners, in aid of the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Centre and the British Record Industry Trust's School for the Performing Arts and Technology, was held at Knebworth House in Hertfordshire. The concert featured Eric Claption, Phil Collins, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Elton John, Mark Knopfler, Paul McCartney, Robert Plant, Cliff Richard, the Shadows, Status Quo, and Tears for Fears. It was recorded and later released as an album and video.

The awards

The award categories as of 2010 are:

  • O2 Silver Clef Award, for outstanding contribution to UK music
  • Icon Award
  • Best International Act
  • Best New Music
  • Best British Group
  • Hard Rock’s Ambassadors of Rock
  • Best Classical Act
  • Digital Award

Occasional awarded categories include:

  • Silver Clef Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Special Achievement Award
  • Silver Accolade Award
  • Record of the Year Award

Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Foundation

Committee members (2010)

  • Chairman: David Munn
  • Director of Fundraising: Audrey Hoare
  • Event Producer: Nicky Weller

Ordinary members (2010)

  • Gary Farrow
  • Stuart Galbraith, Kilimanjaro Live
  • Claire Haffenden, Universal Music
  • Jackie Hyde, Sony BMG
  • Jason Morais, Warner Music
  • Nick Stewart, Nick Stewart Associates
  • Neil Warnock, the Agency
  • Sefton Woodhouse, EMI Music
  • Lucian Grainge, Universal Music


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