Seminole Wars/Timelines

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A timeline (or several) relating to Seminole Wars.

Timeline for Seminole Wars

A sequence of significant events in the Seminole Wars.

18th century: Groups from the Creek Confederacy begin settling in Spanish Florida, Spanish call some some of them Cimarrones.
1776-1783: British recruit Seminoles to attack settlements in Georgia.
1812-1813: Fighting between Seminoles and Georgia volunteers.
1817-1818: First Seminole War; Andrew Jackson invades Spanish Florida.
1821: Florida transferred from Spain to the United States.
1823: Treaty of Moultrie Creek establishes reservation in the middle of Florida..
1828: Andrew Jackson elected President of the United States.
1830: Indian Removal Act makes removal of Indians to west of the Mississippi River U.S. policy.
1832: Treaty of Payne's Landing calls for removal of Florida Indians to west of the Mississippi River.
1835: Second Seminole War begins.
1842: Second Seminole War declared over.
1855:Third Seminole War begins.
1858:Third Seminole War ends.