Second Seminole War/Timelines

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A timeline (or several) relating to Second Seminole War.

Timeline for Second Seminole War

A sequence of significant events in the Second Seminole War.

1817-1818: First Seminole War; Andrew Jackson invades Florida.
1821: Florida transferred from Spain to the United States.
1823: Treaty of Moultrie Creek establishes reservation in the middle of Florida..
1828: Andrew Jackson elected President of the United States.
1830: Indian Removal Act makes removal of Indians to west of the Mississippi River U.S. policy.
1832: Treaty of Payne's Landing calls for removal of Florida Indians to west of the Mississippi River.
December 23, 1835:
  • Indians kill 106 U.S. soldiers from ambush in the Dade Massacre.
  • Indian agent Wiley Thompson and six others killed at Fort King by Osceola and his followers.
  • Indians burn Cape Florida lighthouse.
  • Battle of Wahoo Swamp.
  • Battle of Hatchee-Lustee.
  • Osceola captured under a white flag of truce.
  • Battle of Lake Okeechobee.
1838: Battle of Loxahatchee.
  • Truce with Indians.
  • More than 20 soldiers and civilians killed in attack on trading post on the Caloosahatchee River.
1840: Indians overrun settlement on Indian Key.
1842: Second Seminole War declared over.