Scarborough, North Yorkshire/Gallery

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A collection of images about Scarborough, North Yorkshire.
Places of interest towards the town centre. This photo and the one on the right were taken from Oliver's Mount, site of Scarborough's war memorial and a good vantage point to overlook the town.
The south bay is surrounded by the the 'Old Town' and the cliffs of the Esplanade, with its popular gardens.
Westborough is the town's main shopping street, leading down to the foreshore and overlooked by Scarborough Castle.
Scarborough's nineteenth century railway station stands opposite the Stephen Joseph Theatre.
The entire west wall of Scarborough Castle's keep, as viewed from the barbican gateway, was destroyed in 1645 by artillery bombardment during the English Civil War.
The barbican today; the gateway was completed in the fourteenth century.
Scarborough's South Bay on a summer's day.
Scarborough's Stephen Joseph Theatre is the first building to greet visitors arriving at the town's railway station; the theatre premières most of the playwright Alan Ayckbourn's works.
CC Image
The Grand Hotel at Scarborough.
The Hispaniola, a converted motorboat which takes passengers out into the South Bay, is seen here entering the harbour. The Grand Hotel and the Town Hall (top right) are in the background.

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