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Salem Communications Corporation is a "Christian and family themed content and conservative values" provider on radio and the Internet, and in print media.[1] It is a public company, stock symbol SALM.

In addition to approximately 100 radio stations, it owns the Salem Radio Network syndication provider, Salem Radio Representatives, a national radio advertising sales force; Salem Web Network, which provides Internet Christian content and online streaming, and Salem Publishing, printing Christian-oriented magazines.

Its web properties include

Salem Radio

Tom Tradup, vice president for news and talk at Salem Radio Network, which serves more than 2,000 mostly Christian stations, questioned the direction of Glenn Beck's 28 April "Restoring Honor" rally. "Politically, everyone is with it, but theologically, when he says the country should turn back to God, the question is: Which God? How much of this is turning to God? How much is religious revival and how much is a snake oil medicine show?" [2]


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