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Railway history/Bibliography

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A list of key readings about Railway history.
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  • Nock, O . S. ed. Encyclopedia of Railways (London, 1977), worldwide coverage, heavily illustrated


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British Empire

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  • Huddleston, George. History of the East Indian Railway (1906) 281 pages; online at Google
  • Innis, Harold A. A history of the Canadian Pacific Railway (1923)


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United States

  • Middleton, William D. ed. Encyclopedia of North American Railroads (2007) Indiana U. Press: 1200 pp; the most valuable reference book; 500+ entries by experts, with bibliographies
  • Chandler, Alfred, ed. The Railroads: The Nation's First Big Business - Sources and Readings. (1965)
  • Chandler, Alfred. The Visible Hand--The Managerial Revolution in American Business. (1977) highhly influential study of railway management
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