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REO Speedwagon is a five man rock band whose name refers to a renowned truck and fire engine. The band started in 1968 in Champaign, Illinois and has lasted for decades, although with occasional departures and reunion of some band members. Their most successful album Hi Infidelity topped the U.S. music charts for six months, was the best selling LP of 1981, and produced a number one hit with Keep On Loving You.

The original lineup - debut album

Their first, self-titled album was released in 1971 with the following lineup:

Second lineup, album 2

For their second album, R.E.O.-T.W.O., released in 1972, Kevin Cronin replaced Terry Luttrell.

Third lineup, albums 3-5

Kevin Cronin split with the band, temporarily, in 1973, and this lead to Mike Murphy replacing him for the next three albums, the seminal Ridin' the storm out (1973), Lost in a dream (1974) and This time we mean it (1975).

Cronin returns

Upon Cronin's return, the band released REO (1976)and a double live album, titled Live-You get what you play for (1977).

Philbin leaves, Bruce Hall joins

In 1978, Gregg Philbin left the band and he was replaced on bass guitar by Bruce Hall, leading to the most successful period of the bands existence. The albums You can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish (1978), Roll with the changes (1978) and Nine Lives continued to enhance their popularity. The next album, Hi Infidelity, released in 1981, was a smash hit, topping the U.S. charts for six months producing the number one hit song Keep on Loving You.