Pomona, Kansas

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Pomona, Kansas is located in western Franklin County, in Eastern Kansas. According to the U.S. Census[1], the population in the year 2000 was 923, and population trends place the population of Pomona at 936 in the year 2006.


Pomona is located 10 miles west of the county seat, Ottawa, Kansas, and 10 miles east of Pomona Lake on K-68 Highway. According to the Kansas State Historical Society it is surrounded by the Appanoose township to the North, the Centropolis township to the East, and the Greenwood township to the South. The highest point in the city is on the north end, at the present location of West Franklin High School.


According to further census information, the median age is 35, race is 95% white, and the average household has 2.61 people. In addition, the median household income was $30,521 with 84 individuals below the poverty level.


There is a grade 6-12 public school in Pomona that is part of the West Franklin USD (United School District) 287. The School District includes the K-5 school in the neighboring town of Williamsburg and the K-5 school in the township of Appanoose. The mascot for both the Middle School and High School is the Falcons.