Pohl Case (NMT)

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Fourth of the Nuremberg Military Tribunals, the Pohl Case (NMT) prosecuted the leadership of the Nazi's Main Economic Administration, the WVHA, which ran the SS enterprises of slave labor and other economic exploitation in Nazi concentration camps, to the detail of removing dental gold from corpses' mouths. It was the first of the NMT trials to deal with an SS organization. [1]

Obergruppenfuehrer Oswald Pohl headed the WVHA, and was the only defendant actually executed. Three other defendants, Franz Eirenschmalz, Georg Loerner and Karl Sommer were also sentenced to death, but eventually received commutations to as little as 15 years. In general, the more managerial WVHA defendants received, or had commuted, much lesser sentences than direct killers in the Einsatzgruppen or Medical Cases.


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