Peter Gornstein

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Peter Gornstein
Peter Gornstein at a CFC Filmmakers Reception in 2011 (5839769666).jpg
Occupation filmmaker

Peter Gornstein is a Norwegian filmmaker.[1]

He has directed feature films, television episodes, video games and commercials. He has also worked as a screenwriter, and in various technical roles in film production, even earning recognition at SIGGRAPH 2014.[2] Gornstein shared the "Best Real-Time Graphics" award at the 2014 SIGGRAPH with two other men for Ryse: Son of Rome.[3]

His 2007 film Sunrise won three awards, the Fuji Film International Short Film Award, the Panavision Award and an award from FotoKem.[1]

Britain's National Gallery commissioned Gornstein to make a video in which he explained how much game designers, like those he lead when he was th artistic director for the game Ryse: Son of Rome, owed to renaissance painters, when they design a games' virtual environment.[4]


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