Origins and architecture of the Taj Mahal/Timelines

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A timeline (or several) relating to Origins and architecture of the Taj Mahal.

This is a timeline based on the construction of the Taj Mahal. Please note that the year convention is "Common Era / After Mohammed."

1631 / 1040: June 17 - Death of Mumtaz Mahal after childbirth at Burhanpur in the Deccan.
1632 / 1041:
  • January - Mumtaz's body is moved from Burhanpur to Agra. Work starts on the foundations.
  • June 22 - First 'Urs ceremony.
1633 / 1042: May 26 - Second 'Urs ceremony. Mumtaz's body is interred in the base of the mausoleum.
1638-39 / 1048-9: The calligrapher Amanat Khan signs the frame of the south arch of the domed hall of the mausoleum thereby indicating it was reaching completion.
1643 / 1053: Twelfth 'Urs. Complex is substantially completed. The gold rail surrounding Mumtaz's tomb is replaced with the inlaid marble Jali screen seen today
1644 / 1054: Jahan visits the tomb
1645 / 1055: Jahan visits the tomb a second time
1648 / 1058: Amanat Khan dates the north arch of the great gate with the inscription "Finished with His help, the Most High".
1654 / 1064: Jahan visits the tomb for a third time
1666 / 1076:
  • January - Jahan falls ill
  • 31 January - Jahan dies