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A list of key readings about Oliver Cromwell.
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  • Coward, Barry Cromwell (1991), a standard scholarly biography
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Political studies

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  • Peacey, Jason. "Cromwellian England: a Propaganda State?" History 2006 91(2): 176-199. Issn: 0018-2648 Fulltext: Ebsco, says that in 1653-1659, profound changes were implemented in intelligence gathering, press censorship, and propaganda and in the deployment of resources and bureaucratic efficiency. By concentrating power in the hands of the secretary of state, Cromwell;s regime sought to exert its power in only some areas of print culture rather than to achieve a complete press monopoly.
  • Smith, David, ed. Oliver Cromwell and the Interregnum (2003), ISBN 0-631-22725-3.
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Military studies

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Surveys of era

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Primary sources

  • Abbott, W.C., ed. Writings and Speeches of Oliver Cromwell, 4 vols. (1937-47).The largest reference for Cromwell's own words; however Morrill warns this edition contains far too many errors of transcription and judgment online edition.
    • Morrill, John. "Textualizing and Contextualizing Cromwell", in Historical Journal 1990 33(3): pp.629-639. ISSN 0018-246X . in Jstor Examines the Carlyle and Abbott editions.
  • Carlyle, Thomas, ed. Oliver Cromwell's letters and speeches, with elucidations. (1904 edition), online edition
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  • Roots, Ivan. Speeches of Oliver Cromwell (1989, ISBN 0-460-01254-1.