No Quarter: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Unledded

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No Quarter: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Unledded
Director Aubrey Powell
Producer Steven J. Swartz & Alex Coletti
Starring Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Najma Akhtar, Charlie Jones, Michael Lee, Ed Shearmur
Music Jimmy Page and Robert Plant
Cinematographer Michael Burlingame
Editor Benny Trickett
Studio MTV
Distributor Warner Music Vision
Released 14 October 1994
Filmed 1994
Length 93 minutes (original),
133 minutes (expanded)
Origin United Kingdom
Language English

No Quarter: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Unledded (also simply known as No Quarter or Unledded) is a 1994 concert film release of the Jimmy Page and Robert Plant MTV Unledded acoustic series performance of the same name. It was released by Warner Music Vision on 14 October 1994.


MTV Unplugged concert series offered the opportunity of returning to the lands that had inspired some of Led Zeppelin's most creative work ('Kashmir', most of Led Zeppelin III). The televised edition was one of MTV's most highest rating programmes, directed by Aubrey Powell. The core of the footage is the concert in London with the city's Metropolitan Orchestra accompanying Page, Plant, and their chosen backing band providing the foundation for the production: Ed Shearmur on keyboards, Charlie Jones on bass and percussion, and Michael Lee on drums and percussion. Anglo-Indian jazz singer Najma Akhtar stands in for Sandy Denny (Fairport Convention) on 'The Battle of Evermore'. The live performance is intercut with tracks filmed in the Welsh Snowdonian countryside around Bron-Yr-Aur, Dolgoch, and on the streets of Marrakesh in Morocco. The set list is a combination of well known Led Zeppelin tunes and new songs written for the occasion. Although the classic tracks far outshine the new material, the experience of working together again was inspiring enough to the duo to spawn a world tour and another studio collaboration.

Several years later, Plant reflected on the collaboration very positively:

The will and the eagerness with Unledded were fantastic and [Page] was really creative. Jimmy and I went in a room and it was back. His riffs were spectacular. To take it as far as we did, and the tour we did - it's one of the most ambitious and mind altering experiences.[1]

The tenth anniversary of the recording of the Unledded concerts was commemorated by a 2004 DVD release of all the songs plus a bonus interview, a montage of images from Morocco, the band's performance of 'Black Dog' for Dick Clark's American Music Awards and the music video for 'Most High' from the Walking into Clarksdale album. In addition to acoustic numbers, the album features a reworking of Led Zeppelin classics, along with four Middle-Eastern and Moroccan-influenced songs: 'City Don't Cry', 'Yallah' (or 'The Truth Explodes'), 'Wonderful One', and 'Wah Wah'.

Track list

Film information

Track sequence:

  1. 'No Quarter'
  2. 'Thank You'
  3. 'What Is and What Should Never Be'
  4. 'The Battle of Evermore'
  5. 'Gallows Pole'
  6. 'Nobody's Fault but Mine'
  7. 'City Don't Cry'
  8. 'The Truth Explodes
  9. 'Wah Wah'
  10. 'When the Levee Breaks'
  11. 'Wonderful One'
  12. 'Since I've Been Loving You'
  13. 'The Rain Song'
  14. 'That's the Way'
  15. 'Four Sticks'
  16. 'Friends'
  17. 'Kashmir'

Chart positions


Chart (1994) Peak Position
US Billboard Comprehensive Music Video Chart[2] 2
Chart (1995) Peak Position
US Billboard Top Music Video Chart[3] 4
US Billboard Top VHS Sales Chart[4] 15
Hungarian MAHASZ Top 20 DVDs Chart[5] 3
Australian ARIA Music DVD Chart

Sales certifications


Country Sales Certification
Argentina (CAPIF) 40,000+ Platinum[6]
United States (RIAA) 100,000+ Platinum[7]
Australia (ARIA) 15,000+ Platinum[8]

Certification history

Organization Level Date
RIAA – USA Gold 11 April 1996
RIAA – USA Platinum 31 January 2005


  • Musicians:
    • Jimmy Page - guitars, mandolin, vocals, assistant producer.
    • Robert Plant - vocals, assistant producer.
    • Charlie Jones - bass guitar, percussion.
    • Michael Lee - drums, percussion.
    • Ed Shearmur - keyboards, organ, piano.
    • Porl Thompson - guitars, banjo.
    • Nigel Eaton - Hurdy gurdy.
    • Jim Sutherland - mandolin, bodhrán.
    • Abdel Salam Kheir - oud.
    • Ibrahim Abdel Khaliq - percussion.
    • Hossam Ramzy - percussion.
    • Farouk El Safi - daf, bendir.
    • Najma Akhtar - backing vocals.
    • Bashir Abdel Al Nay - strings.
    • Amin Abdelazeem - strings.
    • Ian Humphries - violin.
    • David Juritz - violin.
    • Elizabeth Layton - violin.
    • Pauline Lowbury - violin.
    • Rita Manning - violin.
    • Mark Berrow - violin.
    • Ed Coxon - violin.
    • Harriet Davies - violin.
    • Rosemary Furness - violin.
    • Perry Montague-Mason - violin.
    • David Ogden - violin.
    • Janet Atkins - viola.
    • Andrew Brown - viola.
    • Rusen Gunes - viola.
    • Bill Hawkes - viola.
    • Caroline Dale - cello.
    • Ben Chappell - cello.
    • Cathy Giles - cello.
    • Stephen Milne - cello.
    • Storme Watson - didjeridu.
  • Production:
    • Aubrey Powell - director.
    • Steven J. Swartz - producer.
    • Alex Coletti - producer (MTV).
    • Bill Curbishley - executive producer.
    • Van Toffler - executive producer (MTV).
    • Michael Bell - line producer.
    • Audrey Johns - line producer.
    • Michael Burlingame - cinematography.
    • Benny Trickett - editing.
    • Mike Gregovich - engineer, mixing.
    • Martin Meissonnier - pre-production.
    • Andy Earl - photography.
    • Cally - design.
    • Rex King - assistant.
    • Kevin Shirley - remixed stereo and surround sound for 2004 edition.


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