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A nitrile is an organic compound containing a carbon triple bonded to nitrogen.


  • The Sandmeyer reaction employing cuprous cyanide can be used to form nitriles from diazonium compounds.
  • Aryl nitriles may be formed from aryl halides in the Rosenmund-von Braun reaction.
  • The reaction of cyanide with aldehydes or ketones forms a cyanohydrin (ά-hydroxynitrile).
  • Amides may be dehydrated to nitriles with a variety of reagents


  • Nitriles are reduced to amines by hydrogen and a nickel catalyst
  • Nitriles are reduced to imines, then hydrolyzed to the aldehyde in the Stephens aldehyde synthesis.
  • Beta-ketoesters are formed from alpha-bromoesters and nitriles in the Blaise reaction.
  • Nitriles are hydrolysed to amides by acid