Nina Gladitz

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Nina Gladitz
Born 1946
Schwäbisch Gmuend
Died April 2021

Nina Gladitz was a German filmmaker. She is best known for her challenges of Leni Riefenstahl, for the films she made that Gladitz described as glamorizing the Nazi party, and Nazi ideology.[1]

In 1982 Gladitz released a documentary about a film Riefenstahl had been working on, during World War 2, about Roma people held in Nazi death camps, including the infamous Auschwitz.[1] Riefenstahl used several hundred actual concentration camp prisoners while making the film. The film interviews Josef Reinhardt, one of the few survivors. He said the film crew beat the actors. He said Riefenstahl assured them that she would intervene to save the lives of the actors, and then didn't follow through.

Riefenstahl sued Gladitz for defamation.[1] While Gladitz could document Riefenstahl worked in the death camps (she had previously denied any knowledge of the Nazi's extermination plans) the court ruled she had not been able to document Reinhardt's account that Riefenstahl had promised to save the actors from extermination. The court ordered Gladitz to cut the footage that made this claim, and she refused. Consequently the film was banned from distribution.