Nathan Barley

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Nathan Barley was a sitcom broadcast on Channel 4, written by Charlie Brooker and Chris Morris. The story is based on a listing on TVGoHome, a parody of television listings, which lists Nathan Barley as the star of a documentary called C--t. Barley (Nicholas Burns) is a DJ, webmaster and "self-facilitating media node", who struts around London with an array of expensive gadgets, filming videos of pranks and posting them on his website, "" (registered, Barley says, in the Cook Islands).

In the first episode, Barley sits on a bus, reading Sugar Ape magazine, including an article by Dan Ashcroft (Julian Barratt) titled "Rise of the Idiots", condemning consumerist and conformist hipsters like Barley. Ashcroft meets Barley in a newsagent, and his sister Claire (Claire Keelan) becomes friends with Barley, most so she can use his video editing equipment. The series shows the lives of these three characters, which provides a platform for satirical social commentary.