NGC 7078

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NGC 7078, also known as M 15 or Great Pegasus Cluster, is a globular cluster located in the constellation Pegasus. It was discovered on the 7th September 1746 by Jean-Dominique Maraldi.

NGC 7078
Observation data: 2000.0 epoch
Constellation Pegasus
Type Globular cluster
Other designations Great Pegasus Cluster, M 15


The Great Pegasus Cluster ranks among the most beautiful objects of its class and is comparable with M 2, M 3 or M 92. The brightest stars of M 15 reach an apparent magnitude of 12m.6, so that first hints on single stars might be observed with 3" telescopes. With naked eye one has to carefully watch the surroundings as there is a star with apparent magnitude of 6m nearby. The nucleus seems to be eliptical in the north-east to south-west direction and has a diameter of about two or three arc minutes.


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