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A list of key readings about McDonald's.
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  • Royle, Tony. Working for Mcdonald's in Europe: The Unequal Struggle? (2000) online edition
  • Love, John F. McDonald's: Behind The Arches (1995) excerpt and text search
  • Debres, Karen. "Burgers for Britain: A Cultural Geography of McDonald's UK," Journal of Cultural Geography, Vol. 22, 2005 online edition
  • Gross, Daniel. "Ray Kroc, McDonald's, and the Fast Food Industry," in Forbes Greatest Business Stories of All Time (1999) pp 177-92 online version
  • Kroc, Ray. Grinding It Out: The Making Of McDonald's (1992) excerpt and text search
  • Ritzer, George. McDonaldization: The Reader (2006) excerpt and text search