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Mastodon is a Grammy-nominated, heavy metal band from Atlanta, Georgia and is one of the leading forces in the "New Wave of American Heavy Metal" sweeping over the nation. The band combines elements from both hardcore/noisecore and extreme metal with a style featuring heavy, down-tuned and frequently quite complex guitar riffs, jazz-influenced drumming, odd time signatures, and long, melodic instrumental interludes, which find them often categorized in the progressive metal genre. Elements of doom metal, stoner rock, hardcore punk, and thrash metal also find their way into much of Mastodon's music.

The band, formed in 1999, consists of drummer Brann Dailor, guitarist/singer Brent Hinds, guitarist Bill Kelliher, and bassist Troy Sanders.


  • Remission - 2002
  • Leviathan - 2004
  • Call of the Mastodon - 2006
  • Blood Mountain - 2006
  • Crack the Skye - 2009