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Mary I (England)/Bibliography

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A list of key readings about Mary I (England).
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  • Duffy, Eamon, and David Loades, eds. The Church of Mary Tudor. (2006) 380pp; essays by scholars excerpt and text search
  • Froude, James Anthony. History of England from the Fall of Wolsey to the Defeat of the Spanish Armada (1856) vol 6. old and hostile to "Bloody Mary" but famous narrative complete text online
  • Loach, Jennifer. "Mary Tudor and the Re-catholicisation of England." History Today 1994 44(11): 16-22. Issn: 0018-2753 Fulltext: Ebsco
  • Loach, Jennifer. Parliament and the Crown in the Reign of Mary Tudor. (1986). 262 pp.
  • Loach, Jennifer, and Robert Tittler, eds. The Mid-Tudor Polity c. 1540-1560 (1980)
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  • Loades, David. Mary Tudor: The Tragical History of the First Queen of England (2006), the standard scholarly biography excerpt and text search
  • Loades, David. Mary Tudor: A Life (1989), stresses Mary's psychological dependency and the weaknesses of her policies of restoration of papal authority and the Spanish alliance
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