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Marmite is the trade name of a British food product, made from yeast, which is marketed as a savory spread and healthful flavoring. It was originally made from leftover yeast from the bottom of brewers' casks, but has for some time been produced independently. The trade name originates with the Marmite Food Extract Company, who first produced the spread in 1901; the name derives from "marmite," a French name for a small ceramic crock, and the spread is marketed in small glass canisters which resemble such a crock in shape.

The flavor of Marmite is savory and salty, with a strong, concentrated stock flavor which enables it to be used in a wide variety of ways. It is most commonly spread over toasted bread, though it can also be used to start a soup stock, and many British fans apply it to potatoes, or use it as a base for gravy. Its popularity has been constant in Britain, and is preferred by some as a vegetarian alternative to Bovril. It is also available in the United States of America, though it has proven to be far less popular there.

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