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Blacky unloading raw sugar at Redpath sugar refinery.

Blacky is a bulk carrier operated by Canfornav.[1] She was built in China, and commissioned in Montreal on November 3, 2008. She was the first of her class. CanFornav intends to build sixteen vessels. Her sister ships include Andean, Barnacle, Brant, Chestnut, Labrador, Maccoa, Mottler, Ruddy, Shoveler, Torrent, Tufty, and Tundra.[2]

The vessel has three cranes, and six holds.[3]

The vessel's first voyage was a load of coke to Lorain, Ohio.[4]


Deadweight tonnage 30,801 tonnes
Gross tonnage 19,814 tonnes
Net tonnage 10,208 tonnes
Length 185 m (606.96 ft)
Beam 23.7 m (77.76 ft)
Draft 10.4 m (34.12 ft)
Airdraft 37.8 m (124.02 ft)
Engine STX Man B&W 6S46MC-C
Power 7,200 kilowatts
Speed 13.5 knots
Bowthruster 900 kilowatts


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