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  • Belt-fed [r]: A means of providing a continuous flow of ammunition to a machine gun, from continuous belts of ammunition that are at least partially manipulated by a human gunner [e]
  • Fabrique Nationale [r]: More commonly called FN, this is a worldwide manufacturer of firearms, both military and civilian, with the sporting versions under the Browning and Winchester trademarks [e]
  • M134 (machine gun) [r]: A U.S. medium machine gun, firing 7.62mm ammunition but rotating-barrel and belt-fed as opposed to the more common, but slower firing single barrel machine guns. [e]
  • M16 (rifle) [r]: The primary U.S. infantry rifle, an assault rifle firing 5.56mm intermediate power ammunition; M4 (rifle) is the carbine (i.e., shorter-length) version [e]
  • M60 (machine gun) [r]: A widely used, U.S. designed medium machine gun firing 7.62mm NATO-standard rifle ammunition, but not itself being a NATO standard weapon [e]