M1130 command vehicle

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Issued on a basis of three vehicles per Stryker Brigade Combat Team headquarters (HQ), two per Stryker battalion HQ and two per infantry company HQ, the M1130 command vehicle (CV) provides four mobile, protected workstations for combat commanders and key staff. It is similar to the M1126 infantry carrier vehicle, with an additional hatch and more antennas.

The role of the CV is to give commanders an mobile, on-the-move capability to see and direct the battle continuously while maintaining a common relevant operations picture (CROP). At the brigade command level, the commander's vehicle is typical, with four command workstations used by the commanding officer, tactical intelligence officer, assistant operations officer, and a communications support specialist.

Its electronics includes:

Using secure wireless LAN connectivity through AN/VRC-106 devices, multiple command vehicles can link into a common tactical operations center.