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Louie Anthony Griffin (born 18 April 1993) is a British entrepreneur, socialite, and businessman known for his creation of the web-based social networking service Hub Merseyside. As founder of the company Louie serves as the Group Chairman.[1][2]

Early life and beginnings


Louie was born in Arrowe Park Hospital Birkenhead, Wirral to Brendan Griffin and Christine Malpeli. He grew up in Ellesmere Port with 2 siblings: Jay Louise & Alarna-Marie. He attended Cheshire Oaks High School on The Little Stanney estate of Ellesmere Port.

Louie expressed how misbehaved he was during his days in school and usually went to school with Sleep Deprivation from the late nights on the family computer, this made him lack motivation to learn and achieve in school. He also felt Aggressive and sometimes Hyperactive which generally led him to spending most of his days in detention which he racked up a record 687 detentions from the start of year 7 throughout the end of his high school life. He was put on Report Card and had to report twice a week to his Headteacher's office. Louie's parents sought help from the school in which he engaged in Art Therapy.

Spiritual awakening

Louie is a devout Christian and was raised Roman Catholic and received his First Holy Communion during school. he has said he never had the motivation to attended church during his adulescens but claims he prays and said he has a relationship with God, talks to him and that “he’s the reason I’m here”. During the winter of 2011 Louie decided to convert to Mormonism and is now a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; he has stated that he is strait-laced about his beliefs and does not drink alcohol or smoke. As a member of the church Louie actively gets involved in Activities such as YSA, Choir and Family History.

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