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For the Hindu community in India, see Lodhi community.
For the Punjabi Festival, see Lohri.

Lodhi or Lodi (Pashto / Urdu: لودھی) is a Pashtun tribe, a sub-group of the larger Ghilzais of Afghanistan and Pakistan. They were part of a wave of Pashtuns who pushed east into what is today Pakistan and India. Often accompanying the Turkic, who conquered South Asia, the Lodhis established themselves during the Islamic period in South Asia as a Muslim ruling class and were valued warriors.

The Lodhi family name is common amongst the Pashtuns. The name is commonly double-barreled with the title of Khan. A typical Lodhi's surname is titled thus: as "Khan Lodhi" or "Khan-Lodhi", while others may prefer to keep the surname "Khan" or "Lodhi". It is important to note that a Khan might not necessarily be of the Lodhi tribe. Lodhi tribes live in Afghanistan, the Northwest Frontier Province and Punjab of Pakistan and India.

Lodhi's usually practice Islam with the majority being Sunni.

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