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Little Britain is a British sketch comedy television programme. It features exaggerated, quirky characters in everyday situations. It is written by Matt Lucas and David Walliams, who also play most of the main characters on the show. Its self-deprecating style has been generally well received, although it has been negatively criticised for mocking and further demoralising some already marginalised groups in British society: the lower class, unattractive persons, overweight persons, transvestites and homosexuals.

Veteran actor Tom Baker narrates the programme.

Recurring sketches include:

  • A cross-dressing male who insists that he is female, despite his obviously masculine features. His catchphrase is: I’m a lady.
  • An effeminate homosexual male who derives pleasure from disingenuously bemoaning his status as The only Gay in the Village, ignoring the fact that there are obviously other homosexual persons where he lives, and refusing to associate with them.
  • Vicky Pollard, an unattractive working class teen known for rambling off on tangents having little to do with the question at hand, and for speaking rapidly, often starting her responses by repeating, "No, but, yeah, but, no, but.." in rapid fire with poor diction.
  • An insensitive diet instructor. "Low fat? High fat?"