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Led Zeppelin Radio programme masthead.

Led Zeppelin Radio (formerly XM LED from 2007 — 2008), was a commercial-free, satellite radio station on the XM Satellite Radio platform. The channel lineup consisted of Led Zeppelin music every hour, every day. This channel was added on 8 November 2007 to XM Radio in the United States, and to the Canadian platform the following day. It was programmed by Lou Brutus.

The channel was announced one day before it began, in a press release from XM Radio[1]. The channel debuted by playing every new song off the new Zeppelin compilation release, Mothership.

XM LED went on hiatus 7 March 2008. After an eight month break, the channel, renamed Led Zeppelin Radio, recommenced broadcasting on XM Channel 39 on 1 November 2008, running through 31 December of that year. Sirius Satellite Radio also broadcast Led Zeppelin Radio on Channel 12 over the same period.[2] It moved to channel 33 on 12 November 2008, forcing The Pulse (Sirius XM) to take its former channel position. The channel remained Led Zeppelin Radio until 2 January 2009. The station is expected to return again sometime in the future.