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An informational catalog, or several catalogs, about Led Zeppelin III.

Release history

Country Date Label Format Catalogue Notes
US 1970 Atlantic Records LP SD 7201
UK 1970 Atlantic Records LP 2401-002
UK 1970 Atlantic Records LP K 50002
Yugoslavia 1970 Atlantic Records LP ATL 50002
US 1977 Atlantic Records LP SD 19128 Reissue
Germany 1985 Atlantic Records CD 7567-81527-2
Japan 1997 Atlantic Records CD (replica sleeve) AMCY-2433
Germany 2003 Warner Music CD (replica sleeve) 7567 82678 5 WPCR-11613
Japan 2003 Warner Music CD (replica sleeve) WPCR-11613
Japan 2005 Warner Music CD WPCR-75003
Japan 2008 Warner Music SHM-CD WPCR-13132
Japan 2009 Warner Music SHM-CD (reissue) WPCR-13607


  • Atlantic SD 7201: Early first pressings with Thelemic saying etched into the dead wax/run off portion of the record, A-side: 'Do What Thou Wilt...' and B-side: 'So Mote Be It'.
  • In December 1973, the 1841 Broadway address on the cover changed to 75 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY.
  • Barcodes appeared on the rear covers in 1982.