LA Drone

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LA Drone
Appears on How the West Was Won
Published by Flames of Albion Music
Registration ASCAP 421133697
Release date 27 May 2003
Recorded 25 June 1972 at
The Forum, Los Angeles.
Mixed at SARM West Studios, London.
Genre Hard rock
Language English
Length 0 minutes 15 seconds
Composer Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
Label Atlantic Records
Producer Jimmy Page
Engineer Eddie Kramer

'LA Drone' is an instrumental prelude of music that the English rock band Led Zeppelin played as an intro tape on the second half of their 1972 concert tour of the United States. It began their concert performances from 15 June 1972 up until 28 June 1972.


The repetitive droning was produced by Led Zeppelin keyboardist John Paul Jones and guitarist Jimmy Page by playing an acoustic guitar with a violin bow in the key of F# and layering the various sounds it produced. The tape of this piece, played through the venue's PA, segued directly into the band's opening number, 'Immigrant Song'. The drone was intended to build a sense of suspense and anticipation in the concert audience.

The only official release of the piece has been a brief excerpt used as the opening track on How the West Was Won. This captures the recording of 'LA Drone' at the Long Beach Arena on 27 June 1972. Despite being only 15 seconds on the live album, it was usually closer to a 1 minute 30 seconds in live performances, as can be heard on a number of Led Zeppelin bootleg recordings.

'LA Drone' can also be heard on the Led Zeppelin DVD, being included on disc 2 at the introduction of the band's performance of 'Immigrant Song'. However, unlike How the West Was Won, the DVD does not include 'LA Drone' on the track listing. Also, the DVD features a 25 second version of the song which is eleven seconds longer than the album version.[1]


  • Musicians:
    • Jimmy Page – electric guitar, electronic effects, producer, remastering, digital remastering
  • Production:
    • Peter Grant – executive producer
    • Eddie Kramer – engineer
    • Kevin Shirley - engineer, mixing
    • George Marino - mastering


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