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Kutless is a heavy rock band from Portland, Oregon. It is often debated as to what subgenre Kutless' music is, but it is often agreed upon that Kutless' subgenre is one of the heavier rock genres. Kutless' lyrics are based on the Christian faith of the members. Kutless has been on tour with bands such as Disciple, Stellar Kart, Newsboys, P.O.D., The O.C. Supertones, Tobymac, and other Christian bands/Christian artists throughout their career.

Beginnings, first two albums, and early success

Kutless started off as a worship band, called "Call Box". They changed their name to Kutless in 2001, and changed their genre to a heavier subgenre of rock. In 2002, they came out with their self-titled debut album. According to Kutless' official website, Kutless became "the biggest selling new artist of the year in the CBA market, and the largest selling outofthebox band in BEC/Tooth & Nail history". In 2004, Kutless came out with their second album, "Sea of Faces".

Their music videos from their first two albums

Kutless came out with three music videos from their first album: "Your Touch", "Run", and "Tonight"; and they came out with two Music Videos from their album, "Sea of Faces": "Sea of Faces", and "Not What You See".


In 2005, Kutless came out with their worship album, "Strong Tower". After Strong Tower was recorded, Kyle Mitchell, their drummer, left the band, and Jeffery Gilbert, joined the band as the new drummer, and he played the drums at their live tour that year. In 2006, Kutless came out with "Hearts of the Innocent", which their hits, "Shut Me Out", and "Somewhere in the Sky" came from. Just one year later, Kutless came out with their live album, "Live From Portland".

To Know That You're Alive

In 2008, Kutless came out with their new album, "To Know That You're Alive", which hit as high as 15th on the iTunes top selling albums list, on June 25, 2008, one day after the album was released.

It Is Well

In 2009, Kutless came out with their sixth album and second worship album, "It Is Well".