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Kingdom of Cochin

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The Kingdom of Cochin or Kochi (also known as Perumpadapu Swaroopam, Madarajyam, Gosree Rajyam, or Kuru Swaroopam; Malayalam: കൊച്ചി [Kocci] or പെരുമ്പടപ്പ [Perumpaṭapp]) was a former state in the area of present Kochi (Cochin), Thrissur, Palakkad and Malappuram in what is now the Indian state of Kerala. It was the first Indian ally of the Portuguese in the early 16th century. According to some reports [1], the king of Cochin was not considered sovereign before this time: it did not have the right to mint currency, neither of covering its palace roof, and it owed an annual tribute to the Zamorin of Calicut. During the British Raj, its ruler was entitled to a 17-gun salute. It was the first Princely state to accede to the Indian Union. Later, it was merged with Travancore to create Travancore-Cochin, which was in turn merged with the Malabar district of Madras State on November 1, 1956 to form the new state of Kerala.


From the beginning of 12th century AD and to the end of 13th century AD Chitrakooda in Perumpadapu village, of Vanneri was the capital of Perumpadapum Swaroopam. The king also had a palace in Mahodayapuram. When the Zamorins attacked Vanneri in the later part of the 13th century, Perumpadapum Swaroopam shifted their capital from Vanneri to Mahodayapuram.

In 1341 a flood created an island (Vypin) and Cochin became a famous natural harbor. The old Kodungallore port lost its importance.

By the end of the 14th century, Zamorin had conquered Thrikkanamathilakam and it became a threat for Mahodayapuram (Thiruvanchikulam). In 1405 Perumpadapum Swaroopam changed their capital from Mahodayapuram to Cochin. From there on Perumpadapum Swaroopam got the name Cochin Royal Family.

The palace at Kalvathhi was the residence of the kings in the beginning. Then in 1555 the palace was shifted to Mattancheri. Thereafter the capital was shifted to Trichur (Thrissur) for a long time. At that time Penvazithampuran (Female Thampuran) and the other Kochuthampurans (other Thampurans except the Valliathampuran (king)) stayed at a palace in Vellarapalli.

In the beginning of 18th century Thripunithura started gaining prominence. The kingdom was ruled from Trichur, Cochin and Thripunithura. Around 1755 Penvazithampuran (Female Thampuran) and the other Kochuthampurans (other Thampurans) left Vellarapalli and started to live in Thripunithura. Thus Thripunithura became the capital of the Cochin royal family.


Veerakerala Varma, nephew of Cheraman Perumal, is supposed to be the first king of Cochin, around the 7th century AD. However, the only existing record is from 1503 AD.

  1. Unniraman Koyikal I (---- to 1503)
  2. Unniraman Koyikal II (1503 to 1537)
  3. Veera Kerala Varma (1537-1565)
  4. Keshava Rama Varma (1565-1601)
  5. Veera Kerala Varma (1601-1615)
  6. Ravi Varma (1615-1624)
  7. Veera Kerala Varma (1624-1637)
  8. Godavarma (1637-1645)
  9. Veerarayira Varma (1645-1646)
  10. Veera Kerala Varma (1646-1650)
  11. Rama Varma (1650-1656)
  12. Rani Gangadharalakshmi (1656-1658)
  13. Rama Varma (1658-1662)
  14. Goda Varma (1662-1663)
  15. Veera Kerala Varma(1663-1687)
  16. Rama Varma (1687-1693)
  17. Ravi Varma (1693-1697)
  18. Rama Varma (1697-1701)
  19. Rama Varma (1701-1721)
  20. Ravi Varma (1721-1731)
  21. Rama Varma (1731-1746)
  22. Veera Kerala Varma (1746-1749)
  23. Rama Varma (1749-1760)
  24. Veera Kerala Varma (1760-1775)
  25. Rama Varma (1775-1790)
  26. Rama Varma (1790-1805)- SHAKTHAN THAMPURAN
  27. Rama Varma (1805-1809)- Vellarapalli-yil Theepetta Thampuran (King who died in "Vellarapali")
  28. Veera Kerala Varma (1809-1828) - Karkidaka Maasathil Theepetta Thampuran (King who died in "karkidaka" month(ME))
  29. Rama Varma (1828-1837) - Thulam-Maasathil Theepett1a Thampuran (King who died in "Thulam" month (ME))
  30. Rama Varma (1837-1844) - Edava-Maasathil Theepett1a Thampuran (King who died in "Edavam" month (ME))
  31. Rama Varma (1844-1851) - Thrishur-il Theepetta Thampuran (King who died in "Thrishivaperoor" or Thrishur)
  32. Veera Kerala Varma (1851-1853) - Kashi-yil Theepetta Thampuran (King who died in "Kashi" or Varanasi)
  33. Ravi Varma(1853-1864) - Makara Maasathil Theepetta Thampuran (King who died in "Makaram" month (ME))
  34. Rama Varma(1864-1888) - Mithuna Maasathil Theepetta Thampuran (King who died in "Mithunam" month (ME))
  35. Kerala Varma(1888-1895) - Chingam Maasathil Theepetta Thampuran (King who died in "Chingam" month (ME))
  36. Rama Varma(1895-1914) - aka Rajarshi, Abdicated Highness (Died in 1932)
  37. Rama Varma(1914-1932) - Madrasil Theepetta Thampuran (King who died in Madras or Chennai)
  38. Rama Varma(1932-1941) - Dhaarmika Chakravarthi (King of Dharma), Chowara-yil Theepetta Thampuran (King who died in "Chowara")
  39. Kerala Varma (1941-1943) - Midukkan (syn: Smart, expert, great.) Thampuran
  40. Ravi Varma(1943-1946) - Kunjappan Thampuran (Brother of Midukkan Thampuran)
  41. Kerala Varma(1946-1948) - Ikya-Keralam (Unified Kerala) Thampuran
  42. Rama Varma (1948-1964) - Pareekshit Thampuran

ME - Malayalam Era

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  • Genalogy of Cochin Royal Family - By Rameshan Thampuran
  1. ML Dames (1918-1921). The Book of Duarte Barbosa, 2 Vols. Hakluyt Society.