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A list of key readings about Johannes Diderik van der Waals.
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  • Van Stevin tot Lorentz, Portretten van Nederlandse Natuurwetenschappers. Redactie A. J. Kox, M. Chamalaun, Intermediair Bibliotheek, Amsterdam (1980). ISBN 90 6434 009 9
  • J.S. Rowlinson, J.D. van der Waals, On the Continuity of the Gaseous and the Liquid States, Studies in Statistical Mechanics XIV. J.L. Lebowitz , Ed., North Holland, Amsterdam (1988). (This book contains an English translation of Van der Waals's doctoral thesis and of his article on phase separation of fluid mixtures.)
  • Sengers, Johanna Levelt. How Fluids Unmix: Discoveries by the School of Van der Waals and Kamerlingh Onnes. Amsterdam: Koninklijke Nederlandse Akad. van Wetenschappen, 2002. 302 pp. Downloadable version (pdf)
  • van der Waals, J.D. (1893). "Thermodynamische theorie der capillariteit in de onderstelling van continue dichtheidsverandering". Verhand. Kon. Akad. v Wetensch. Amst. Sect. 1 (Dutch; English translation in J. Stat. Phys., 1979, 20:197).