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A list of key readings about Jarai language.
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Jarai Lexicons

  • Dournes, Jacques (1964), Ebauche de dictionnaire de la Langue Jörai, Cheoreo, Vietnam
Never actually published, this lexicon is Dournes' field dictionary at a late stage of development. Most of the entries are typed (alphabetical by Jarai word) with definitions in French. Copious notes by Dournes grace nearly every page, with corrections to entries, additional entries, and color illustrations. This is perhaps the most thorough Jarai lexicon available. The full dictionary is available scanned at the ODSAS Project.
  • Headley, Robert K., Jr. (1965), A dictionary of the Jarai language, Washington, DC
This lexicon is largely a compilation from other sources of Jarai vocabulary.
  • Ksor Yin; Thanh Phan Xuan & Romah Del et al. (2005), Tu Đien Viet-Jrai [Vietnamese-Jrai Dictionary], Hue, Vietnam: Nha Xuat Ban Giao Duc, ISBN 8934980541845
  • Lafont, Pierre-Bernard (1968), Lexique Français-Jarai-Viêtnamien: (parler de la Province de Plei Ku), Paris: École Francçaise D’extrême-Orient
Lafont's lexicon is organized by the French words, with Jarai and Vietnamese glosses given for each entry. This lexicon appears to be fairly complete, though Lafont's research was criticized by Jacques Dournes. It includes a very brief description of Jarai speech sounds and grammar (in French).
  • Leuz, Christopher; Eugene Evans & Cleo Evans et al. (1976), Jơrai dictionary: Jơrai-Vietnamese-English: (a computer printout), Huntington Beach, CA: Summer Institute of Linguistics
As the title indicates, this lexicon was never more than a computer printout (still available as Vietnam Data Microfiche Series No. VD 55-73). Entries are alphabetized by the Jarai word. There are 8857 numbered lexical entries.
  • Nicolle, R. (1940), Lexique Français-Jaray et Jaray-Français, Hanoi: Imprimerie G. Taupin & Cie
Apparently the first published Jarai lexicon, Nicolle's work is seldom cited. In the first part, entries are alphabetical by French, and in the second by Jarai.
  • Phạm Xuân Tín (1955), Đa-ngữ tiểu từ-điển (lexique polyglotte), Dran: Hội-thánh Tin-lành
This lexicon is cited more often than Lafont, probably because it predates it and also because it was used by Lee. Entries are alphabetized by the Vietnamese words, with Jarai, Chru, and French glosses. A short description of grammar is given at the end of the Lexicon (in French); it appears to cover more features of Jarai than Lafont's grammar section.
  • Romah Del (1977), Tu dien Viet-Gia Rai, Ha-noi, Vietnam: Khoa hoc Xa hoi
This master's thesis contains a Jarai-English lexicon, as well as an overview of the author's methodology and some valuable language background. Lap Minh Siu is a native speaker of Jarai. The searchable online version of this lexicon can be found at http://dictionaryq.com/jarai/.

Jarai Language History

Most of the works below are not exclusively about Jarai but about the history of Chamic languages. Also relevant would be sources about Austronesian language history, which is outside the scope of this bibliography and about which the literature is vast.

  • Burnham, Eugene C. (1976), The Place of Haroi in the Chamic Languages, Arlington, TX: The University of Texas at Arlington MA thesis
  • Grant, Anthony & Paul Sidwell, eds. (2005), Chamic and beyond: studies in mainland Austronesian languages, Canberra, Australia: Pacific Linguistics, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, The Australian National University, ISBN 0858835614
  • Lee, Ernest W. (1966), Proto-Chamic phonologic word and vocabulary, Bloomington, IN: Indiana University dissertation
  • Lee, Ernest W. (1974), "Southeast Asian areal features in Austronesian strata of the Chamic languages", Oceanic Linguistics 13: 643-668
  • Pittman, Richard S. (1959), "Jarai as a member of the Malayo-Polynesian family of languages", Asian Culture 1: 59-67
  • Thomas, Dorothy M. (1963), "Proto-Malayo-Polynesian reflexes in Rade, Jarai and Chru", Studies in Linguistics 17: 59-75
  • Thurgood, Graham (1996), "Language contact and the directionality of internal drift: the development of tones and registers in Chamic", Language 72: 1-31
  • Thurgood, Graham (1998), Austronesian and Mon-Khmer components in the Proto Chamic vowel system, in Thomas, David, Papers in Southeast Asian Linguistics, vol. 15, Pacific Linguistics A-89, at 61-90
  • Thurgood, Graham (1999), From ancient Cham to modern dialects: two thousand years of language contact and change, vol. 28, Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press, ISBN 0824821319

Jarai Grammar

  • Dournes, Jacques (1976), Le parler des Jörai et le style oral de leur expression, POF études, Paris: Publications Orientalistes de France, ISBN 2716900574
  • Medcalf, Anne-Marie (1989). "Jörai Sentence and Phrase Structure". Murdoch University honours thesis.
An honours thesis on Jarai grammar based on Jarai texts and language lessons.
  • Nguyen Tong Nang (1975). "An outline of Jarai grammar". Vietnam data microfiche series number VD55-01. Summer Institute of Lingusitics.
A master's thesis on Jarai grammar from a Tagmemics approach. Based on author's consultancy work.

Jarai Oral Tradition

  • Dournes, Jacques (1974), "Ya' Tok Bok (La Fée du Figuier): Mythe jörai en texte et traduction avec commentaire", L’Ethnographie 69: 79-92
  • Dournes, Jacques (1975), "Ya' Tok Bok (La Fée du Figuier): Mythe jörai en texte et traduction avec commentaire (suite et fin)", L’Ethnographie 69: 81-114
  • Dournes, Jacques (1977), Pötao: Une Théorie du Pouvoir chez les Indochinois Jörai, Paris: Flammarion, ISBN 208211113X


  • Dournes, Jacques (1987), Florilège jörai, Paris: Sudestasie, ISBN 2858810559