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James Patrick Page (III), (born 26 April 1988) is an English film-maker, producer, director, and actor. He is the eldest son of Led Zeppelin founder and guitarist Jimmy Page (James Patrick Page, jun.) and American model Patricia Ecker, and half-brother to Scarlet Page.

James Page, was named James Patrick Page in following a tradition in the Page family to name the oldest son as such. Born in London, Page was first seen in public at the wedding reception of Jason Bonham and Jan Charteris in Bewdley, Worcestershire, on 28 April 1990. Following the divorce of his parents on 16 January 1995, Page moved with his mother to Metairie and Mandeville in Louisiana, and completed high school in Miami, Florida.[1] Page returned to London and completed a Bachelor of Arts with honours in documentary film and television production at the University of Westminster Film School.

Page began his acting career in the Korean student feature Duet, which was filmed in 2009, and received a general release in 2012. He directed the documentary Chosun: Land of Morning Calm in 2010, which was nominated in the Factual category at the 2011 RTS Student Television Awards.[2] Page produced and directed the 2010 award winning documentary Streetcar, which examined how the livelihood of people in New Orleans was drastically affected by the disruption of the streetcar service by Hurricane Katrina.[3]


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