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A list of key readings about James Burnet, Lord Monboddo.
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Writings of Lord Monboddo

  • Of the Origin and Progress of Language (6 volumes, 1773–1792)
  • Antient Metaphysics (6 volumes, 1779–1799)
  • Decisions of the Court of Session (1738–1760)
  • British Museum, James Burnett to Cadell and Davies, 15 May, 1796, A letter bound into Dugald Stewart, Account of the Life and Writings of William Robertson, D.D., F.R.S.E, 2nd ed., London (1802). Shelf no.1203.f.3
  • Letter from Monboddo to James Harris, 31 December, 1772; reprinted by William Knight 1900 ISBN 1-85506-207-0
  • Letter from Monboddo to Sir John Pringle, 16 June 1773; reprinted by William Knight 1900 ISBN 1-85506-207-0
  • Letter of Lord Monboddo to William Jones dated 20 June 1789 reprinted by William Knight, Lord Monboddo and some of his contemporaries Thoemmes Press, Bristol, England (1900) ISBN 1-85506-207-0
  • Yale University Boswell Papers, James Burnett to James Boswell, 11 April and 28 May, 1777 (C.2041 and C.2042)

Publications about Lord Monboddo

  • Bailey, Eileen A. FSA, James C.A. Burnett, Charles J. Burnett and Christopher Croly, The Holly and the Horn, Leys Publishing, Banchory (2005) ISBN 0-9538640-2-2
  • Brown, M.P., ed. General Synopsis of the Decisions of the Court of Session, 5 vols. (William Tait, Edinburgh. 1829 'Decisions Collected by Lord Monboddo' V, 651-941
  • Boswell, James, The Essence of the Douglas Case, J. Wilke, London (1767)
  • Cloyd, E.L., James Burnett, Lord Monboddo (1972)
  • Darwin, Erasmus, The temple of nature, J. Johnson, London (1803)
  • Encyclopædia Britannica
  • James Grant Cassell's Old and New Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland (1880-1887)
  • Gray, W. Forbes, A Forerunner of Darwin, Fortnightly Review n.s. CXXV pp 112–122 (1929)
  • Graham, Henry Gray, Scottish men of Letters in the Eighteenth Century, A.& C. Black, London (1901)
  • Hobbs, Catherine, Rhetoric on the Margin of Modernity, Vico, Condillac, Monboddo, Southern Illinois University Press (1992)
  • Johnson, Samuel and James Boswell, A Tour to the Hebrides, Oxford University Press, first published in 1773, reprinted 1930. 1933, 1948
  • Knight, William Angus, Lord Monboddo and some of his contemporaries John Murray, London (1900) ISBN 1-85506-207-0
  • Lovejoy, Arthur O., Monboddo and Rousseau, Essays in the History of Ideas (Baltimore, 1948) p61, first appearing in Modern Philogy XXX, pp 275–96, Feb, 1933
  • Neaves, Charles, Lord Neaves, Songs and Verses, Fourth Edition, London p5 (1875)
  • Nichols, W.L., Lord Monboddo Notes and Queries VII, 281 (1853)
  • Watt, Archibald, A Goodly Heritage, Halcon Printing Ltd., Stonehaven, UK (1985)